Sunday, July 4, 2010

reliques pour l'undercroft

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of random thoughts. Instead of gushing 4000000000 facebook status updates I thought one underwritten blog post would have the same effect.

Thought Process #1:
A. Listening to "You're the Best Around" doesn't make me feel or want to be the best. And that probably comes back to the fact that Ralph Macchio wasn't the best around. Marlon Brando was the best around. But, you have to give it to Little Mac, hmmm, I mean Daniel. He was the best Karate Kid around... and nothing is going to keep him down.

B. And where would listening to 80's pop songs be without leading into another movie related song from one of my favourite 80's movies of all time? I'll let the video speak for itself!

Thank you, Limahl, for never writing a greater song than the one for The Neverending Story. I know it would be hard to follow up a song that would haunt.... stay with a generation of youngsters like this one has. And be happy that your hairstyle has made comeback. It's a legacy. (note: nice to know that you can now get the movie on Blu-Ray - you have been wish-listed)

C. Oddly enough, it took me years to find out that The Neverending Story is an actual book! I have to assume that it's about four hundred times better than the movie. I have a few other books to finish up, but once I'm done this one is going to be purchased and sitting on my shelves. There is a little fear that it *might* be tainted by the retained images of the actors, but it's worth the risk.

D. Don't see The Neverending Story 2! The actor who played Bastian had the freakiest eyes that I have ever seen! Mind you, I was 10 when that movie came out, but I still find myself just a bit creeped out by Jonathan Brandis' eyeballs. They aren't natural. I will say this though - RIP to an actor that wasn't held back by the creepy eyes he had in one movie.

Thought Process #2:
A. I've been dreaming about my old car a lot lately. It doesn't make any sense because I'll never have it back. Even in dreams, I know I won't have it back. I was in the garage staring at the car and trying to figure out what I was going to do to it. Leah then walks in and says, "You understand that it isn't real." AND I agreed! *sigh* Nor will I have the opportunity to have a similar car for a long while - minus winning a lottery that I don't play.  That being said, it still looks pretty good in my dreams.

B. Thinking about the car made me want to drive cars that I will never be able to drive. Enter Forza Motorsport 3. I grew up on Gran Turismo games, but FM3 has done a good job at filling a rather large time gap for Poly-Dig to get their act together and release GT5! It's fun, but I think it might even be a little easier than Gran Turismo. You level up and get a new car regardless of winning or not... even though winning is pretty simple. In GT, you had to finish a set of races to win a car for your collection. Money seemed to be a little tighter as well. That begs the question, is GT5 going to allow you to modify cars? Hmm.....

C. So in FM3, I *won* a Ferrari FXX.... that's when insanity began. The car is amazingly loud and FM did a decent job of replicating the sound. I cannot imagine what it would sound like in real life. I'm sure I'd be deaf, but at least I'd be smiling. It's also pretty darn fast... check it out:

Go Here First to see the car prior to the FXX.... then Go Here <-- wow.. just wow.

D. So there Ferrari is loud.... really loud. My Z32TT was also pretty loud, but not nearly like that. Call me a little odd, but I took an import and added Flowmasters as part of a custom exhaust. I don't have any sound clips of my car, but it definitely fit between what a turbo-6 and a v8 would sound like. It worked out well. It is definitely an attractive car... I'm not even one for red cars,but this just had a nice quality.

E. You also get to drive pretty fast in FM3... word has it that you can get up to about 160mph in the Z32TT. I wouldn't know anything about it, but if I did I don't think I would do it more than once. If I knew what it felt like, I'm assuming it's just a bit of blur and that objects end up being closer than you would assume.

Hmm... ok.... it's a bit of a ramble, but at least I got it out. Off to see what Leah's up to, and to see about reading a little more.



  1. Neverending Story, the book, is fantastic. Much better than the movies. I like the first movie (it's what got me to read the book) but the second movie (the second half of the book IIRC - it's been a few years) really didn't handle the story well. Of course, that could just be because I'd read the book between the two movies and that might have changed my expectations.

  2. I am still waiting to read that book. It's on my wish list. =( I need to get to it.